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VPNs & Split Tunneling

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For those who are not familiar with VPN’s, here’s a quick breakdown of what they can do:

  • Mask your IP address, making it look like you are connecting from somewhere else.
  • Encrypt your data. This means that if you’re on, say, a public WiFi network at a cafe, you can better secure the data you are transmitting from your computer.
  • By masking your IP and making it look like you are coming from a different location, this also allows you to bypass filters that would have prevented you from reaching what you wanted. For example, if you’re overseas and wanting to use the US based Netflix, you can connect to a US based VPN to get around it (well, kind of. Netflix can sometimes catch and block this type of traffic)

Now on to Split Tunneling. More VPN services, such as Private Internet Access, or PIA, are enabling you to SPLIT the traffic on the VPN. This means you can have some applications show that they are coming from your true location, and others appear as if they are not.

Using my own example below, I’ve selected a few apps, such as web browsers, to use my connection, and others to route through the VPN. This can serve several purposes, such as keeping your full speed on apps you need speed on, and routing through VPN traffic the apps that don’t necessarily need that speed.

Overall, if you’re looking to secure your traffic, watch Netflix from overseas, or just secure your privacy, a VPN may be the solution.

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