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SNAKE Ransomware – Make a backup!

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Looks like we have more ransomware out in the wild. It’s called the SNAKE ransomware.

This is an especially good time to make sure you have an off site backup (remember, backups plugged into the local machine can also be encrypted by ransomware, rendering them useless in some cases).

#Ransomware , for anyone who is not familiar with the term, encrypts files on your hard drive, essentially rendering them useless unless you are able to decrypt them. They typically will have you pay a “ransom” (in bitcoin, or something similar) so that they can send you a decryption key and you can access your files again.

This is some of the worst type of malware out there. Be careful and make sure your important files are BACKED UP! 

You can read more about SNAKE on Bleeping Computer

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