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Find Out Who Is Giving Away Your E-Mail Address

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Wish you could get an idea of who was selling your email info to advertisers? Well, there is a way!

With gmail (and certain other mail providers), they ignore certain characters in emails so you can use a little trick to keep track of where you signed up.

For example, if I was signing up for an eBay account, and let’s say my email address is, I could sign up using the email address

I will still receive all emails sent to at my normal, because gmail ignores the plus sign and everything after it.

Now, let’s say that HP starts sending me emails and I look at the “To:” field and it says ““. I now know that they likely got my email address via eBay, as that is a unique address I ONLY used for signing up with eBay.

As long as you are creating a unique address for every account you sign up for, this neat little trick will help you keep track of who is giving your info away!

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