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COVID-19 Keeping You Home? Kaddy’s Offers Remote Support!

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We understand that the spread of coronavirus has people worried, and rightfully so.

Kaddy’s Computer Repair wanted to take this time to make our clients aware of repair opportunities that can done over the phone, without ever leaving home. In general, if the issue is a software problem (email, virus, windows upgrades, etc) we can most often fix it via remote support session, with few exceptions.

Also, it only takes a few minutes to get setup so that we can get connected and take over from there, letting you go back to work, taking care of the kids, errands, or whatever! 

Feel free to call us any day of the week with questions or to request a support session. 

Mention this newsletter, and get $5 off your next remote session!

Also, we’ve attached a picture to this email that may help narrow down symptoms to determine if they could be COVID-19, or if it’s just another cold/flu. Take care out there!

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